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Gastronomical specialties in Athens


Do not be surprised if you feel like you are at home in some Greek taverns. Here the cuisine has been established for 25 centuries and in Ancient Roman times, the chefs from the Greek colonies were considered the best. The Greek cuisine helped to refine the tastes of all the Mediterranean. You will discover that the Greek cuisine is not only moussaka, souvlaki and Greek salad, but includes a wide variety of dishes that can fully satisfy everyone, both lovers of meat and vegetarians. You will be hit by the taste of Greek tomatoes and all the vegetables because they are more often naturally grown.

Greek salad

You must try the cheeses - especially the Greek feta. The goats and sheep are kept free in pastures that are particularly rich in herbs, so their meat has a unique taste, which you will not find in any other place. Greece has a culinary tradition of about 4000 years. It has influenced and was influenced by neighboring nations, both Eastern and Western. The Greek cuisine has four secrets: the freshness of ingredients, the proper use of aromas and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and its simplicity. Another unique characteristic lies in sharing meals with others, a deeply rooted practice that is immediately embraced by visitors. When the Greeks come together at the table to enjoy a meal or a variety of appetizers (mezedes) accompanied by ouzo, they take an attitude of devotion.


The atmosphere in a typical Athens tavern is very relaxed, simple and without formalities.
These are feelings that simply cannot be reproduced once returning home, even when preparing the same dishes or serving the same beverage. The experience of Greek food is the union of what you eat and where you eat, it is something you cannot find elsewhere and can only be savoured in Greece.


In Athens in particular you can taste the best gyros in Greece: large pieces of lamb, pork or veal roasted on a vertical spit, cut into thin strips and arranged with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki (Greek yogurt with garlic, lemon and cucumber) inside pita bread and then wrapped for ease of holding. You can also try a simpler version known as souvlaki kalamaki, which is a slice of bread with skewers of roasted meat and vegetables. The best souvlaki in Athens can be found in Adrianou and Kolonaki Square.

Main dishes: :

  • Greek salad (horiàtiki salàta, literally "peasant salad"): tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, olives, onion and feta, seasoned with olive oil and oregano. It is a simple but classic dish especially enjoyed in summer.
  • Dolmàdes: vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice
  • Mousakàs: a famous dish, made of minced lamb with alternating layers of eggplant and potatoes, and covered with a béchamel sauce. Sometimes the mousakàs is served in a bowl: this is a good sign.

  • Moussaka


    • Papoutsàkia: Aubergines stuffed with grilled meat
    • Gemistà: tomatoes and/or peppers stuffed with a mixture of minced meat and rice
    • Brizòla: cutlets of pork and beef

    Brizola e moussaka


    • Paidàkia: lamb chops
    • Keftèdes: meatballs spiced with mint and oregano
    • Stifado: rabbit or beef meat with onions
    • Psarià (fish): not always as economical as one might believe, but in Athens it is easier to find it fresh, in comparison to the islands. The fried squid are always good, although sometimes are frozen from abroad (often India).