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Regular Events in Athens

Festival of Athens: This festival began in 1955 and takes place during the summer in the Herod Atticus theatre, behind the Acropolis and in Licabetto. It is one of the most important festivals of Europe and every year there are shows and exhibitions from both Greek and foreign artists, including classical and modern music, opera, dance and theatre performances. Prices vary from 20 to 70 € depending on the show.



Vyronas Festival: This festival is located in the Vrahon theatre in the Vyronas district (near Pangrati). It is held in July and includes concerts of jazz, pop and ethnic music.

25 March: Day in memory of the revolution in 1821, which marked the Greek’s freedom from Turkish occupation.

28 October: National Day with a religious and military parade. This date is in memory of the day when the Italian ultimatum was rejected in 1940.

Easter: Easter follows the Greek Orthodox calendar and is the most important religious festival. In these days, hotels are very expensive. The most important day of this Holy Week is Friday evening, with the procession of epitafios (symbol of the sacred sindon), the Saturday evening mass and finally the Sunday lunch with lamb on the spit for all.