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Welcome to Athens!

Despite the abundance of famous monuments and ancient stones it houses, Athens is anything but dead. In fact, it is a capital definitely full of life, even bustling, if you exclude the hours of siesta. Athens is now home to over four million people, more than one third of the Greek population (while the average European capital hosts only 15%)!

The real beauty of Athens hides behind the facade, in the life that animates the streets, in its bizarre energy and its peaceful but slight anarchist character. The Athenians are social animals that leisurely sip coffee, take long strolls in the evenings, eat until late and enjoy the nightlife.

In addition, the sensation of warmth that comes from the extraordinary light that the attic sky generously spreads and the vitality of Athenians make the visit a unique and unrepeatable experience. Athens is a city to visit anytime of the year, not just a place to do stage heading to the islands.


The Olympics of 2004 have considerably improved its face and left a city uplifted, more beautiful, cleaner, greener and more efficient.

With the closure of roads to traffic in the historical centre around the Acropolis, the longest pedestrian street in Europe (over 3 km) was created. This offers the possibility to travel without any interruption to the most important archaeological sites in the city. Many areas have been restored and the Greek capital has a new airport, a modern subway, efficient public transport network and extensive green spaces.

Plaka Anafiotika


Important places to visit in Athens


Ancient Theatre of Dionysus

Odeon of Herod Atticus

Ancient Agora in Athens

Roman Agora in Athens



Syntagma Square and National Garden

Benaki Museum

National Archaeological Museum

Temple of Olympian Zeus and Arch of Hadrian

Museum of popular Greek instruments in Athens

Cemetery of Keramikòs

Philopappou Hill in Athens

Kolonaki district of Athens

Panathenaic Stadium

Licabetto Hill in Athens

Museum of Cycladic Art and Ancient Greece

General Markets in Athens