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Monastiraki - Athens


It is one of the most characteristic quarters of the old Athens, with narrow and winding lanes and small buildings that date back to Byzantine and Ottoman period. There are many craft shops selling almost everything, from bronze objects to musical instruments, furniture to shoes. Shopping and strolling the streets of Monastiraki is an experience that you can not miss, especially on weekends when there is a flea market.


You should visit the metropolitan church of Athens, center of the homonym square. It was built between 1842 and 1862 as the Cathedral of Athens and is a basilica with three naves with dome, which combines neobizantine and neoclassical elements.
The Tzisdaraki mosque, built in 1759, is worth a visit. For material, the Turks used one of the seventeen columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Also visit the ancient Turkish baths (XVII century) and the Muslim Seminar (1721).


In the area of Monastiraki and Plaka there are many Byzantine churches (11th and 12th centuries) which are well conserved thanks to the Christian reconstruction. In particular visit the pretty little church of Agios Eleftherios, containing ancient Byzantine reliefs, and Kapnikarea (odos Ermou), the Byzantine church with dome which is now in the middle of the street that leads to Syntagma.




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