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Plaka - Athens



It’s the oldest district of Athens and it remains very picturesque with its narrow paved streets (bring a map of the area!), the beauty of the colours of neo-classical houses and their manicured gardens. The visit to Plaka is almost a must but do not expect to find the typical Greece. Of course, it is a district full of taverns and coffee: those full of tourists can be seen easily and should be avoided as it is not a good sign. I would advise you to visit it with the breeze in the morning, around 7 or 8, when there are few people and the lamps are turned off: you enjoy another unforgettable memory.


The monument of Lisicrate (also known as Diogenes lantern), the museum of childhood and particularly the area of Anafiotika are worth a visit. Anafiotika is a pretty village in island style that lies at the foot of Acropolis. It was created when builders of the island of Anafi (Cyclades), famous for their skill, they came to Athens for the construction of the building for Otto, the first king of the Greeks. Feeling nostalgia for their island, they decided to recreate it in the highest area of Plaka, building small white houses in perfect Cycladic style.




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